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    21 Minimalist Ways To Store Everything In Your Home

    Buy or DIY.

    1. A handmade mint ring cone that will keep your treasures safe:

    2. A magnetic piece of wood that puts your fanciest knives on display:

    3. A shelf that can adjust to be whatever you need it to be, whenever you need it to be that:

    4. A not-boring fruit bowl that lets your lemons steal the show:

    5. A colorful magnetic spice rack that turns your fridge into a gorgeous honeycomb:

    6. This handmade charging station that will hold five of your favorite Apple products:

    7. A pegboard wall that you can put together yourself:

    8. A geometric makeup organizer made of wood:

    9. This oversized bag that makes just about anything look ~contained~:

    10. A stacking desk organizer that looks like a sunset behind a mountain:

    So soothing. Get it here.

    11. This soothing swoosh of a magazine rack:

    12. A bookshelf that keeps your life in balance:

    And would also let you weigh other random things. Buy one here.

    13. Or a bookshelf that shows off your bright funk:

    14. Three black and white necklace hooks:

    15. A set of hand painted origami boxes you can make yourself:

    16. A set of colorful geometric shelves:

    17. A concrete toilet paper holder shaped like a cloud:

    18. A simple wine rack that puts your favorite bottles on display:

    19. A clothing rack that is only slightly off:

    20. A rearrangeable desktop organizer that looks like the skyline of a small city:

    21. A coffee table with two simple nooks: