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Hey Airbnb Hosts, What Are Your Best Tips For Hosting?

Tell us about it!

Do you host on Airbnb? We want to know: what are your tips for being the best host you can be?

Both for people considering hosting, and other great hosts who want to be even better!

Maybe you've found that if you can be flexible about stuff like check-in and check-out times, your guests tend to give you higher ratings.

Or you swear by greeting them in person to show them around the place and small things like how to lock the door.

Maybe you try to have one little special thing for every guest before they arrive, whether it's a couple of cold beers, fresh flowers in the kitchen, or a bottle of Champagne for people celebrating their anniversary.

Or you've put together a welcome basket with helpful recommendations on everything from nearby restaurants to stuff to do.

Or maybe it's not hospitality-related at all! Maybe you wish you'd known something that helped you make a little more money each time — or helped you avoid a bad guest.

Like maybe you have a few specific house rules you swear by, and advice on how to enforce them.

Or you have advice about how to set clear boundaries and expectations with guests after they arrive, so they don't get on your nerves.

Or something else entirely! Tell us your best tips, tricks, and advice, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.