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    Here's One Thing To Clean In Each Room Of Your Home This Week

    Get that infomercial "before and after" using things you already have.

    1. Dust the lampshades in your bedroom using a lint roller.

    2. Soak your bathtub in vinegar and dish soap for an hour to make it bright white again.

    3. Wipe down the baseboards in your hallways with a fresh dryer sheet.

    4. Clean underneath your garbage disposal's splash guard using dish soap (to break up grease) and a toothbrush.

    5. Scrub out any stains on your couch's cushions and pillows.

    Here's how to clean microfiber, and here's how to clean a natural-fabric couch.

    6. Run white vinegar and hot water through your washer to get rid of any lingering mildew smells.

    7. Run your kid's plastic and rubber toys through the dishwasher.