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19 Easy And Gorgeous Ways To Celebrate Easter

From food to drinks to decor.

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5. Dye a dozen eggs varying shades of blue, then flick with gold paint to make pretty robin's eggs.

You can do these while the kids dye their eggs. All you'll need (besides dye) is gold paint and a brush. Here's how to do it.


7. Melt some chocolate, spread it around, and top it with colorful bunny-shaped candy.

You could even skip the colorful white chocolate layer if you wanted, just to make it a little easier. Get the recipe for this Easter Extravaganza Bark here.

8. Make a cheese ball in the shape of a carrot, and sprinkle cheddar on top to make it orange.

If you have carrot greens around, you could use those instead of parsley. Get the recipe for this Easter Carrot Cheese Ball here.


14. Make more than your basic egg dyeing colors, even with your basic food coloring options.!/all/Egg-Art-Pantone-Shades

From here. Although natural-dyed eggs are quite gorgeous, and if you'd rather do that, you can learn how here.


Or, go the easy route, and pour some wine into a chocolate bunny.

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No shame in that deliciousness. (You could pour the kids some chocolate milk or grape juice, instead). If you want a step-by-step, get one here.