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19 Hair Tips & Tricks For People Who Suck At Doing Hair

You can do this!

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1. You should be putting bobby pins in your hair wavy-side down.

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It will help them stay better — the ridges help grip your hair and lock everything in place. Still having trouble with slipping bobby pins? Coat them with a little bit of hairspray before using them. From here.

2. If you have naturally curly hair, you may want to stop using shampoo.

And start using some apple cider vinegar. Read more about how to care for your naturally curly hair here, and find some affordable natural hair product options here.


5. Dry shampoo can be a time saver, but only if you buy the right kind.

Most dry shampoos come in several shades (these are $8.99/bottle at Walgreens), so pick the one that matches your hair color. Nothing is worse than a white powder shampoo that turns dark brown hair grey.

If you're still not happy with how your hair looks after some spritzes of dry shampoo, try putting it on before bed — giving it your full eight hours of sleep to fully absorb the excess oils in your hair could make your hair look even cleaner than it would have if you sprayed and sprinted off to the rest of your day.

Don't want to drop the cash on a bottle of dry shampoo? You can also make your own.

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13. Figure out exactly what is causing your split ends.

Some come from simple dryness and friction, some come from sun damage, some come from too-frequent ponytails, some come from too much heat — and some are because that's just how your hair is. From here.

14. Then soothe those split ends with an easy DIY hair mask.

See how here. But if you have lots of split ends, it may be best to go to your hairstylist and have them trim them...and ask how you can take better care of your hair next time.


15. Make sure you're using the right amount of all of your hair products.

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Too much or too little and you may weigh down your hair or see no effect at all.