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17 Quick Snack Ideas For Late-Night Studying

Find your new go-to brain food.

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1. Frozen Blueberry and Yogurt Kebabs

Easy to make, fun to eat. The skewers mean the yogurt won't get your hands messy, so you can eat and read at the same time (but you could totally make these without the skewers — just coat blueberries in yogurt, and freeze). Get the recipe here.

3. Apple Slices With Almonds and Pecans

This "recipe" is endlessly adaptable to whatever you like best — not a fan of peanut butter? Use any nut butter or even apple butter instead. Want it to be slightly healthier? Skip the chocolate and load it up with nuts and chia seeds. Get the recipe here.


14. Buffalo Ranch Popcorn

You can substitute half of a ranch seasoning packet to make this a little faster. (If you make the ranch blend yourself, you will know exactly what's in your snack; it depends on whether it feels worth it to you.) Get the recipe here.

16. Frozen Banana Bites with Almond Butter

Yes they're a bit of a treat because of the ~chocolate~ (the recipe calls for a gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free variety), but you get good energy-boosting carbs from the banana and almond butter. Get the recipe here.