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    22 Home Hacks That'll Make Renters Say "Why Didn't I Know About This Sooner?"

    Save that security deposit.

    1. Add knobs to kitchen cabinets *without* drilling holes in 'em by cutting a Command Strip down to size.

    2. Hang your own overhead lights with a cord kit, lantern, and a couple small Command Hooks.

    3. You can also use Command Hooks to hang a dollar-store paper towel holder under your cabinets.

    4. And of course, Command Hooks will hold up your curtain rods, too.

    5. A rolled-up blanket under your door will block cold drafts — and extra noise. Just use four big safety pins to secure it.

    6. Transform a blank wall using vinyl cutouts that you can put up, rearrange, and remove pretty much as many times as you like.

    7. And customize your kitchen backsplash with bigger sheets of removable contact paper.

    8. Temporarily frame a mirror with the help of your favorite trim and a few strips of Velcro.

    9. For extra privacy that still lets in the light, paste lace, fabric, or paper over your windows using cornstarch and water.

    10. Make your appliances look like ~stainless steel~ with a sheet of removable contact paper.

    11. Basic foam core board, covered with shelf paper or fabric, will disguise ugly wire shelves.

    12. Install a tension rod or a curtain rod above your sink so your dish towel and sponge are always easy to grab.

    13. Customize your own wainscoting and wallpaper using washi tape.

    14. Cover up eyesore blinds with fake Roman shades — just drape fabric over several tension rods.

    15. If your shower head sucks, swap it out with a wrench, a soft cloth, and some teflon tape.

    16. Make more space in your closet by hanging several shirts from a length of chain — or by hooking hangers together with soda can tabs.

    17. And mount tension rods in the bottom of your closet to make an instant shoe storage rack.

    18. Turn the narrow spot next to your fridge into useful storage by building this secret shelf.

    19. Hang an over-door shoe rack in the bathroom to add extra storage space for your makeup, hair tools, lotion, extra wash cloths....and so on.

    20. Use wooden dowels and lightweight fabric (and Command Strip cord bundlers) to make a security-deposit-friendly canopy.

    21. Double the storage space in your shower by hanging a second curtain rod in the back.

    22. Attach slices of wine cork to your furniture's legs to prevent scratches on the wood floors.