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24 Ways To Have The Creepy AF Bedroom Of Your Dreams

(Or nightmares).

1. Dress your bed with skulls and anatomical hearts.

$32 each; get the skull here and the heart here.

2. Store your library on coffin-shaped bookshelves.

Order a custom one for $250 here.

3. Then use resin skulls as bookends.

These are $49 each, here.

4. Hang an ornate black-trimmed mirror.

For putting on your fave black lipstick. This one is $55, here.

5. Burn a bloody candle.

This one is $22, here.

6. Or these drippy masterpieces.

$10 for a set of two, here.

7. Hang a transforming portrait of Aunt Tilly.

She's $25 here, and you can find a wide selection of transforming portraits here.

8. Mount a cauldron incense burner by your door.

This vintage one is available for $35.07 here.

9. Replace your bedside lamp with a tarnished silver candelabra.

This vintage one is $55, here.

10. And put this articulated sunbird skeleton next to it.

It comes in an antique Victorian medicinal vaporizer. $219.95, here.

11. Hide your floral tissue box with this crochet cover.

It's $20, here.

12. Cover your floor in a dark black rug.

This fancy pants one starts at $4026, here.

13. Hang a stained glass spider and her web in the corner of your window.

She's $35, here.

14. Enjoy relaxing water sounds with this grim reaper fountain.

Complete with red skull. $42, here.

15. Cast a gentle illumination over your sanctuary with this handmade lamp.

Sweet dreams. $99, here.

16. Pick out some black and red bedding.

This set is $89.99, here.

17. Hang your jewelry on this pewter skeletal hand.

"An unquestioning servant arisen from its stifling grave in devoted supplication to its pampered mistresses' assistance." It's $175, here.

18. Or get a skeleton hand to hold your candles.

19. Put a black cast iron fireplace across from your bed.

Even if you can't burn real logs in it, you could at least burn pillar candles. This one is $750, here.

20. Hang sheer black curtains around your bed.

Get these here for $176.

21. Rest your tired head on a bunch of small bone heads.

$20 per pillowcase, here.

22. Pepper your walls with skull and crossbones decals.

Very gothic, or very pirate-y? WHY NOT BOTH. $135 for 24 skulls here.

23. Set a porter's chair in a corner for a cozy reading nook.

This one sold at auction already, though.

24. Hang up a handmade iron chandelier for ~mood lighting~.

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