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7 Small Ways To Actually Get Your Home In Order

Simple and organized.

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1. Stop the incessant sunglasses search by giving everyone's pair a place to live.

Nifty / BuzzFeed

Or if you have multiple pairs, an organizer like this means you can always find the pair you want. Watch the easy tutorial on BuzzFeed Nifty.


3. Cut a wooden crate in half then mount those halves on the wall for easy magazine, kids-book, or other wall storage.

This could work perfectly above a toilet in a small bathroom, if you're feeling handy enough to pull out a saw. Learn how to make them on I Heart Organizing.

4. Choose one of these seven freeze-able marinades, and make two batches of chicken: one to bake and eat this week, and one to freeze to bake on at a busier time.

Or pick two marinades, prep the chicken, and freeze everything for a busier week. Planning ahead, chicken style. Get the how-to and all the recipes on Sweet Peas and Saffron.

5. Never hunt for the right lid to fit your plastic food container again after installing a filing basket on the cabinet door.

Use removable adhesive hooks for easy hanging, just make sure that the cabinet door will still close all the way when you're done. From Better Homes and Gardens.

6. Set aside one long weekend afternoon to sort out your 2016 photos — and get them printed in a photo book.

Lemonthistle walks you through her system that sorted her 2 million(!) files into manageable books.

She used and liked a service called Mixbook, which starts around $15.99, but services like Chatbooks have options that start at just $8 (they're shorter length and softcover, of course). And Apple's Photos app has a built-in books program with softcovers starting at $9.99.

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