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17 Free Ways To Make Your Grown-Up Apartment So Freaking Cozy

Relaxation for you *and* your bank account.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Pull out your blankets and put them on ~display~.

Nicole LaMotte / One Kings Lane

More blankets = more coziness. But you don't have to buy more blankets! Just show off the ones you already have and love, in a basket or on a decorative ladder you already have. See more of these rooms here and here.

2. Layer up your bedding.

What's better than two pillows? Four pillows. (If you're loving the look, it does mean you might have to make up your bed to maintain that cozy factor.) See more of this autumn-inspired bed here.

3. Cover old pillows with old sweaters and pile them on your chairs, couch, or bed.

Turn two things you don't love into something you will love. See the tutorial here.

4. Use your lamps instead of your bright overhead lights.

When you're ready to ~relax~, lower light = cozier light. (Learn how she painted these lamps here.)

5. If you have things like family heirlooms that make you really happy, put them out where you can see them every day.

Read about how this blogger displayed her grandmother's poetry here.

6. Grab a pretty branch or oversize leaf from the great outdoors, and put it in a jug or vase that you already own.

Dabito /

You get all the wonderful green feelings of having a plant, but you don't have to actually take care of it (or pay for it). Read more about this plant here.

7. If your greenery is light enough, you can put it in this DIY vase made from paper lunch bags.

Get the tutorial here.

8. Grab a chair, a pillow, and a table from elsewhere in your home and make a reading corner.

This example is super gorgeous of course, but all you need is a comfy spot! You could even pile some books next to your favorite corner on the couch and call it good. (Just make sure the TV is off!) From here.

9. Pull your white holiday lights out of storage and keep them up year round.

Read more about decorating with holiday lights here.

10. Then make a tassel garland (out of your old tights!) to hang up with your string lights.

Learn how to do it here.

11. Gather all of your candles in one place.

One Chic Beach /

Then burn them all together for a ~fireplace glow~ (this works best with unscented candles, or mostly unscented candles and one or two scented ones).

12. If you're handy with a saw and a drill, turn wood from your backyard into rustic candle holders.

This also assumes you already have tea lights lying around. Get the tutorial here.

13. Use string and clothespins to hang up treasured photos.

If you're feeling extra fancy, you can make them all black and white before printing them out. Get the super-simple how-to here. It uses mini clothespins, but normal-size clothespins would totally work, too.

14. Or if you already have art, rearrange it into a gallery wall.

Learn the easy way to make sure it will look good here.

15. Sew your collection of old T-shirts into a colorful rug.

Learn how to make both the T-shirt yarn and the rug here.

16. This sucks to hear, but: Put your things away, and get rid of things you don't need.

Finding Joy /

Several of us here at BuzzFeed Life swear by Marie Kondo's method. However you do it, your home will be less stressful if the things that stress you out aren't all over your space.

17. And for a quick cozy fix: Build yourself a blanket fort.

Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

This fort uses tent poles, but you can also opt for the more classic chair backs and clothespins combo.

Snuggle up!


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