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17 Free Ways To Make Your Grown-Up Apartment So Freaking Cozy

Relaxation for you *and* your bank account.

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1. Pull out your blankets and put them on ~display~.

More blankets = more coziness. But you don't have to buy more blankets! Just show off the ones you already have and love, in a basket or on a decorative ladder you already have. See more of these rooms here and here.


6. Grab a pretty branch or oversize leaf from the great outdoors, and put it in a jug or vase that you already own.

Dabito /

You get all the wonderful green feelings of having a plant, but you don't have to actually take care of it (or pay for it). Read more about this plant here.


8. Grab a chair, a pillow, and a table from elsewhere in your home and make a reading corner.

This example is super gorgeous of course, but all you need is a comfy spot! You could even pile some books next to your favorite corner on the couch and call it good. (Just make sure the TV is off!) From here.


13. Use string and clothespins to hang up treasured photos.

If you're feeling extra fancy, you can make them all black and white before printing them out. Get the super-simple how-to here. It uses mini clothespins, but normal-size clothespins would totally work, too.


16. This sucks to hear, but: Put your things away, and get rid of things you don't need.

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Several of us here at BuzzFeed Life swear by Marie Kondo's method. However you do it, your home will be less stressful if the things that stress you out aren't all over your space.