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    27 Flower Arrangements You Won't Believe Are Real

    You swear these aren't paintings?

    1. Once upon a time, scrolling through your Instagram feed...

    2. run into one of these beautiful photographs.

    3. You pause your scroll for a sec, and stare.

    4. And you think to yourself...

    5. "I definitely don't live on the same planet as those flowers."

    6. "That must be a picture of a still-life painting in a museum somewhere."

    7. But you're wrong.

    8. These are all very real flowers.

    9. Arranged and photographed by insanely talented people.

    10. Sometimes they're for weddings.

    11. (Mostly they're for weddings.)

    12. Sometimes they're for other things.

    13. Like flower workshops.

    14. Or just because.

    15. The color design may be simple...

    16. ...or big and bright.

    17. They're sometimes on a black background...

    18. ...and other times, a stark white.

    19. Close up...

    20. ...or farther away.

    21. The longer you look, the more there is to see.

    22. Like soft wrinkles on the petals.

    23. And little apricots nudged in between the blooms.

    24. Sometimes, the flowers bring out the best of the greens.

    25. Or the vase brings out the best of the flowers.

    26. And you lived happily...

    27. ...ever after.