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    7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips You'll Actually Want To Try

    This week, tidy up your bathroom.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Put all of your bathroom cleaning supplies in one container.

    (Assuming you haven't already.) This tutorial can help get you started, but just use whatever products you like best. It will help you make your actual cleaning process go so much faster.

    2. And fill a scrubby wand with your favorite shower cleaner to keep in your shower all the time.

    So you can quickly wipe down and rinse your shower walls every few days (do it now, too). Here's the full tutorial.

    3. Use a rubber band to tie plastic bags filled with cleaning solution over your faucets and shower head.

    You can either use white vinegar, like in this tutorial, or use a heavy duty de-scaler, like in this tutorial — it will depend on your preferences and on how much buildup you're fighting.

    4. Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water, then spray it on any built-up mildew or mold.

    Then you can wipe it away and banish the black gunk. Here's the full tutorial.

    5. Dust all of your lights plus any bottles that are sitting on your countertops.

    Now's also a great opportunity to toss any products you haven't used in a while, and if you don't have a good system already, organize them (like in a basket). Oh, and wipe down the countertops with your favorite all-purpose cleaner or wipes.

    I mean, duh, this is bathroom cleaning basics. But that doesn't mean it's not important!

    6. Scrub your sink with baking soda and half of a lemon.

    Heather Wautelet /

    This is a kitchen cleaning tip from here, but also works well in your bathroom if you have stuck-on bits that need a little elbow grease. The lemon can be juiced OR not juiced; it doesn't matter.

    7. After you scrub the toilet (and wipe down the seat and under the seat), let your toilet brush drip-dry over the bowl.

    You can use whatever cleaners you prefer to wipe down the outside and insides of the toilet, but if you're not sure, I like this toilet bowl cleaner, and disinfecting wipes for the outside. Get more bathroom cleaning tips here.

    Have time to give your bathroom an even deeper clean? Here's how.