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    7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips You'll Actually Want To Try

    This week, tidy up your bathroom.

    1. Put all of your bathroom cleaning supplies in one container.

    2. And fill a scrubby wand with your favorite shower cleaner to keep in your shower all the time.

    3. Use a rubber band to tie plastic bags filled with cleaning solution over your faucets and shower head.

    You can either use white vinegar, like in this tutorial, or use a heavy duty de-scaler, like in this tutorial — it will depend on your preferences and on how much buildup you're fighting.

    4. Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water, then spray it on any built-up mildew or mold.

    5. Dust all of your lights plus any bottles that are sitting on your countertops.

    6. Scrub your sink with baking soda and half of a lemon.

    7. After you scrub the toilet (and wipe down the seat and under the seat), let your toilet brush drip-dry over the bowl.

    Have time to give your bathroom an even deeper clean? Here's how.