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    18 Surprisingly Useful Dorm Decorating Hacks

    Because you'll be moving in before you know it!

    1. ~Borrow~ white holiday lights from your parents and transform them into glowing globe lights with a cheap pack of ping pong balls.

    2. Transform your basic set of plastic drawers by taping your favorite scrapbook paper to the inside.

    3. Illuminate the space over your bed or a drab corner with an "overhead light" made from a cord kit, lantern, and a couple small removable hooks.

    4. If you want to really get decorative and hang window curtains, you can hack a couple of removable adhesive hooks to make it happen.

    5. Or use two sets of tall shelves + a long-enough curtain rod to hang privacy curtains in front of your bed.

    6. Hang a tapestry without any damage to the fabric *or* your walls by attaching removable adhesive strips to the back of clothespins.

    7. Repurpose the rest of the clothespins to pin up all your favorite printed (or Instax camera) photos on a string of fairy lights.

    8. Make your windows a little more private without sacrificing the light by pasting constarch and water over light fabric (like lace) or paper.

    9. You can also use this technique to temporarily "wallpaper" a door or accent wall with your favorite fabric.

    10. Hack a little more bathroom storage space on the cheap: Stick removable adhesive to the backs of magazine files, and hang those to add extra storage to your under-sink area.

    11. If your closet has two doors, hang two cheap, lightweight, full-length mirrors to dress it up a little.

    12. Or if you have sliding doors, take them off and use a simple tension rod to hang a set of curtains to soften the space.

    13. For extra-dreamy vibes, simply drape swaths of tulle across your ceiling.

    14. Transform a blank wall with removable vinyl cutouts that you can always rearrange and even bring to your room *next* year.

    15. Or "hang" paper wallpaper (or posters) using the painters tape method: first a layer of painters tape, then a layer of double-stick.

    16. Upgrade the boring default headboard by simply cutting out cardboard in whatever shape you like and covering it in fabric.

    17. Make a reusable dry erase calendar from a simple poster frame and paint chips, because sometimes it's useful to realize you have a big paper due Monday when you're making your weekend plans.

    18. Glue several three-ring binders together to make a secret stashing spot — it's not super decorative, but it's definitely useful...

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