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What Are The Funniest Small Town Names In America?

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Have you ever driven through a small town whose name made you chuckle, like Uncertain, Texas?


Or noticed an exit sign for the weirdly dubbed Truth or Consequences, New Mexico?

Tbh T or C looks like a really cute town.

Did you pull off the road to see how cool Cool, California could actually be?

Judging by what's geotagged on Instagram, it's pretty freaking cool.

Or are you actually from the hilariously-named Lick Skillet, Tennessee?

Google Maps

Did you once dig yourself into a Wikipedia hole that landed you at the downright strangely-named, Oregon?

Wikipedia /

Do you happen know anything about the name's backstory?

NBC changed their name during the dot-com boom, but only for a year, and it was part of a publicity stunt for a company (called now owned by eBay. But that doesn't make it less strange and hilarious. These days, they're called Halfway, Oregon.

Tell us about your towns, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!