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34 Sparkly DIY Ideas For Anyone Whose Favorite Color Is Glitter

Glitter: the ULTIMATE WEAPON of craft supplies. ;)

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1. Polish up a pair of costume jewelry earrings.

These are designed to look like a specific pair of Kate Spade earrings, but you could adapt this technique for any plastic or glass gemstone jewelry you have.

Read the full tutorial (which includes tips on keeping your project looking neat) at Shore Society.


3. Instantly embellish your favorite store-bought donuts.

All it takes is a 2-ingredient glaze and Disco Dust ($6 per color*). Add a few drops of blue and red food coloring to the glaze for ~galaxy donuts~.

Read more at The Glitter Guide.

*Disco Dust is non-toxic, but also not technically edible, so make your own call here.


7. Sprinkle fairy dust onto any pair of spray-adhesive-coated tights.

To help the glitter stick longer, add another coat of spray adhesive on top of your layer of glitter. But don't count on enough of the glitter sticking so you can wear them more than once.

Read the full tutorial at Moustachic.

8. Turn primary-color letter magnets into shimmering refrigerator poetry.

Seal the letters with a second coat of decoupage glue after the glitter has dried, and they won't shed their sparkles.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

9. Take your digital screens from dull to flashy.

Sometimes small upgrades make the biggest difference.

Download these and a bunch of other free glitter desktop wallpapers at Design Love Fest.

10. Seal a touch of twinkle into simple cork coasters.

The tutorial uses vase filler, but you can easily swap that out for the sparkles of your choice. Because this calls for Dimensional Magic, you can use confetti, glass glitter, or basic glitter, and it will still work.

Get the how-to at Tell Love and Party.


11. Pick out a roll of duct tape for a mess-free sparkling light switch cover.

12. Freeze edible glitter into ice cubes that melt into colorful drinks.

Most specialty cake stores carry glitter that will work for this, or you can find a variety of colors of "Disco Dust" for about $6 per container here.

Learn how to make them so the glitter doesn't sink at A Subtle Revelry, then use it to dress up your frosé.

14. Fully embrace the yellow brick road and give a pair of pumps the wicked witch treatment.

This technique would also work to coat just the soles of a pair of pumps; you'd just want to use masking tape to mark off sharp lines.

Learn how to do it at Crafts After College.


16. Stir together two ingredients to add festive sparkle to your part or your hair.

And it washes out, in case your workplace isn't glitter-friendly.

Learn how to make the pomade and use it in several different styles in Naptural85's YouTube tutorial.

17. Tie loops of glitter ribbons into ice-queen-inspired hair bows.

Try different color combos for different princesses, or skip the princess portrait and just make them to match your kid's (or your own!) favorite outfit. If you can't find ribbon that's sparkly enough, you can buy 10 yds for $13.99 on Amazon.

Get the step-by-step tutorial on Bombshell Bling.


20. The same double-sided tape technique works decorate dollar-store candles.

It's great for candles of all types.

You can get the how-to for the gold candles on Elli, the pink ombré on A Glimpse Inside, and the tealights on Molly Mell.

21. Spray paint a pair of rain boots you picked up at the thrift store.

The boots above only use a light coat of the spray paint — you can add thicker coats, and more coats, to control the exact level of ~sparkle~.

Learn how to do it so the paint sticks through the worst storms at Skinny Latte Mommy.

22. Glaze the top of a piece of inexpensive or found furniture for an instant accent piece.

Photographer: Kyle Michaels /

Could be just the way to make a cheap Ikea side table look like a fun bar table if you're in your mid-20s. Or add a mirror and it could be a dressing table for your teen (or for you! We all like glitter here).

Mandi Johnson has the how-to at Making Nice in the Midwest.


23. Show you've earned your stripes by stenciling some serious gold sparkle onto a pair of jeans.

You can use this technique for other transformations, too: maybe mermaid scales belong on a pencil skirt.

Read the full how-to at Eyes of a Couturier.

24. Stitch the skirt of your old dress into into a cover for your living-room pillows.

If you don't have a dress, there are lots of holiday dresses on clearance all through the spring, or you can just go buy some fabric.

Get the full tutorial here.

26. Crown every prince and princess in stiffened, sparkling lace.

The fabric stiffener takes 24 hours to dry, but you could shape the crowns first, then decorate them with gemstones as a craft for a birthday party.

Get the full tutorial at The Girl Inspired.


27. Layer paint and a very fine glitter to turn a yard-sale find into a glistening throne.

Mixing in fabric medium, $4.79 on Amazon, makes any paint more flexible and durable when you use it on fabric.

Watch the full tutorial at Debi's Design Diary.

28. Decorate a store-bought or simply-made cake with shining cake toppers.,,

Pick up a pack of star stickers in the scrapbook aisle to make the star toppers — read the full tutorial at The Chic Site.

Make a topper say whatever you'd like with thin wooden letters and glitter or edible glitter of your choice. Oh Happy Day made the original tutorial, and Shoes Off Please adapted it for her son's birthday.

29. Or, make those store-bought number candles a little more special by covering them in glitter paint.

The birthday candles use glitter and glue, but you could also color each in with a paint pen, then brush on a layer of glitter paint. If you feel like overachieving, try adding jewels.

Get the tutorial at One Charming Party.

30. Update any plain tee using specialty t-shirt glitter and glue.

You can use this same technique to decorate a skirt or jacket, too.

Learn how to do it (and how to turn an old sweater into that adorable skirt and hat) here.


31. Sew a sparkling mermaid skirt out of knit sequin fabric.

You will need a sewing machine and some experience with it to pull this off easily; or you'll need to ask your friend who cosplays on the weekends for help.

Learn how to make it — custom sized for you — at These Days. If you're in love but sewing just isn't an option, you can have a similar one made on Etsy for $75.

34. Sprinkle your favorite glitters and sequins into a mindfulness mason jar.

Facebook: video.php

Every time you shake it up, let the settling glitter soothe you. (You could also dye the water black to make a ~galaxy~, or dye the water blue for the ~ocean~).

Read the tutorial here, and learn how to make it a snow globe instead here.

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