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    24 DIY Father's Day Gifts He'll Actually Want

    DIYs for dearest dad.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This leather iPhone cover/credit card holder.

    You will need a plastic case to cover. Here's the tutorial.

    2. This personalized etched growler.

    You can make the stencil whatever shape he'd like best, if he's not into putting his name on things. Here's how you can make it.

    3. This wood and clay phone cradle.

    Get the directions here.

    4. This t-shirt that your toddler gets to decorate with whatever scribbles their heart desires.

    It requires a t-shirt, masking tape, a Sharpie, and supervision. Here's how to make it.

    5. This handmade cookbook stand for the after work chef.

    Does require a few basic power tool skills. See the plans and directions here.

    6. This customized geeky notebook.

    Use a different color notebook and paint pen if he's not into black and gold leaf. Here's the tutorial.

    7. Jars of his favorite infused liquor.

    Just keep the kids out of this one. Here's how to make it.

    8. This marbled watercolor mug. / Via

    Make this happen with nail polish. Here's the tutorial.

    9. And these matching marbled air plant holders.

    Made with modeling clay. Fid out how to make them here.

    10. This knitted mug warmer that looks like beer.

    11. This letter organizer that you can fill with handwritten letters.

    Gotta know how to saw wood, though. Get the tutorial here.

    12. This pork-loving apron.

    Mmm, grilled meat. Here's how to make it.

    13. And coordinating grilling prep plates.

    14. This hand-bound leather journal-slash-sketchbook.

    Here's how you can make it.

    15. This custom engraved wooden mousepad.

    If #1 Dad appalls you, you can engrave something else (like his name, or an inside joke). Get the tutorial here.

    16. A wooden laptop stand so he can watch more Netflix in bed.

    It's a modified IKEA stool. Here's how you can make it.

    17. These fancy invisible bookends.

    For the bookworm dad. (You can find antique versions of, say "Shakespeare", if your dad isn't into "The Luckiest Girl"). Here is how to make them.

    18. This minimalist wall clock for his study or office.

    Again: if black and gold aren't his favorite colors, pick his favorite colors instead. Find the how-to here.

    19. This reclaimed wood magnetic knife rack. / eHow

    Maybe you could also get him some new knives, if they look rusty like that. Here's how to make this.

    20. These Bacon Parmesan, Buffalo Ranch, and Chocolate Wine flavored salts.

    For popcorn, steak, or under-salted potato chips. Here's how you can make them.

    21. These drink coasters that he might actually use.

    But no promises. Get the directions here.

    22. These super easy hand-painted pots, with succulents.

    Keep the kids away from the spiky cactus. The tutorial suggests using fingers, q-tips, leaves, or napkins instead of paint brushes for cool paint effects.

    23. These better-than-family-portraits dancing family cutouts.

    Alexandra Grablewski /

    He can put them on his wall at work for anytime he needs a good LOL. Get the directions here.

    24. This giant beer can cake.

    Like cake, but beer. Get the how-to here.

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