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    19 Stunning Diaper Cakes Anyone Can Make

    Enter baby shower beastmode.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    Hold up. Did you say diaper... cake?

    Yes. They're a great baby shower gift, because new parents can ~never~ get enough diapers, at least until their kiddo is potty trained. And they make for an awesome shower centerpiece. Here are 18 ways to make one:

    1. An un-bee-lieveably cute bee cake.

    You could swap in blue, yellow, or white flowers for a boy/gender-neutral version. Here's the tutorial.

    2. A diaper hot air balloon.

    So cute, and though it does use fewer diapers than the other cakes, you can always give the parents the rest of the diapers separately. Here's the tutorial, including free printables.

    3. A topsy-turvy cake wrapped in fun, colorful ribbon.

    To make the layers crooked, you can tuck small pieces of plastic tablecloth between the layers (as shown here), or sub in a couple of onesies -- perfect for twins! Here's the tutorial.

    4. A "fondant-style" cake covered in little baby blankets.

    Blankets AND diapers? This is very helpful if you end up buying diapers with cartoons or off-theme colors on them, because it covers them up. Here's how to make it.

    5. A perfect princess cake that comes with a tutu.

    This is just the tutu tutorial (haha), but you can follow any of the other basic diaper cake tutorials here and add the tutu. Here's how to make it.

    6. A gorgeous giraffe-printed cake with pinwheels.

    Here's the step-by-step, including how to make that gold giraffe print ribbon, and here's a pinwheels tutorial.

    7. A dinosaur themed cloth diaper tower.

    Good for the earth and as a centerpiece. Here are the directions.

    8. A motorcycle (or bicycle!) ridden by cute stuffed animal of choice.

    This cake is loaded with goodies for parents-to-be: the headlight is a bottle, the seat is a bib, and the handle bars and body of the bike are receiving blankets. Here's the step-by-step.

    9. A simple and classy Chuck Taylor cake.

    Smaller, so you can make it quickly if you're pinched for time. Here's how.

    10. A tower of diaper cupcakes.

    Mom also gets a cupcake tree out of it, for all the baking the new parents won't have time to do. Find out how to make it.

    11. A cake where the top tier is made from colorful washcloths and teething blankets.

    The center of this one is a roll of paper towels, which new parents also need. Here's the tutorial.

    12. A cake with fairy wings for the future costume closet.

    And each tier is circled by pretty flower headbands. Here's how to make it.

    13. A cloth diaper sushi platter (not cake, but it still counts).

    It uses fewer diapers than your traditional diaper cake, so it costs less, too. Here's the tutorial.

    14. An adorable gender-neutral cake and matching centerpiece.

    This swag-packed cake replaces some of the diapers with washcloths, is wrapped in blankets, and is decorated with various toys and baby soaps. Here's the tutorial.

    15. A simple, spring-inspired version topped with silk flowers.

    It's extra-sturdy because of the layers of cardboard between each tier. Here's how to make it.

    16. A quick and easy wreath to hang in the baby's bedroom.

    It can come together in under an hour if you buy a pre-made bow for it. Here's the tutorial.

    17. A bassinet cake made from two shoeboxes.

    You can make a little towel-baby to lay inside. Here's how to put this together.

    18. A cake graced by Uglydolls, and whose most important feature is the secret inside.

    Alpha Mom /
    Alpha Mom /

    (It's champagne for the parents, of course.) Here's the tutorial.

    Somebody else already making a diaper cake for the parents? Turn a few onesies into a box of cupcakes.

    Useable time and time again, until they're outgrown. Here's the tutorial.