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28 Cozy Things You Need For Your Bedroom

Time to snuggle up for the rest of winter.

1. This cute pillow you make with an iron-on template:

2. A set of string lights shaped like pinecones:

3. This giant squishy body pillow:

4. Cuddly pillows shaped like fruit:

The pineapple is $55 here, and the strawberry is $55 here.

5. This glowing mushroom night light:

6. A teddy bear that will play your favorite music:

7. A mosquito net with feathers on it:

8. These sweaters for your beers:

9. A warmly glowing <3 to hang on your wall:

10. A bumble bee that will hold onto your tablet for Netflix in bed:

11. A super soft faux fur throw or a throw with tons of squishy pom poms:

Faux fur is $59 here, and pom pom is $17.99 here.

12. This tiny foxy calendar:

13. A soft linen duvet set that will make you never want to leave your bed:

14. And a chunky oversized blanket to go with it:

15. A curtain set that will make your room look like a library:

16. Cute baskets you can crochet:

17. A glowing lamp that holds your place in your favorite book:

18. A latch-hook shag rug you can make with your favorite yarns:

19. A candle that will make your whole bedroom smell like freshly baked cupcakes:

20. Or a candle that will make your room smell like old books:

21. Roses that will never wilt:

22. A pillow that gives you a big bear hug every time you doze on his arm:

23. A projector that will make your ceiling look like the night sky:

24. A full alphabet of quilted letters:

25. Slippers that heat up when you plug them into your USB port:

26. And toasty (get it?) hand warmers:

When you want to read, but you also want really warm hands. Get the USB-powered buttered toasts here for $24.99, and the battery-powered plain toasts here for $44.99.

27. Lamps that come with hand knit cozies:

They're artist-made, so they're priced upon request here.

28. Pillows shaped like your favorite classic books: