14 Cleaning Hacks We Know Actually Work Because We Tried Them

    Here's what's worth your time.

    1. Heat lemons + vinegar + water to get a sparkling microwave with basically zero effort.

    2. Dangle your clean, damp makeup brushes upside-down on a towel bar using ponytail holders, and they'll dry in the right shape.

    3. Rub and scrub whitening toothpaste on your cloudy, dirty headlights so they shine clear and bright.

    4. Let vinegar + baking soda + a plastic bag take your shower head from dingy to practically-brand-new.

    5. Cut an oversized sponge into a soap dish and you'll never waste little bits of soap again.

    6. Dust your TV or other LCD screens using a coffee filter to avoid the dreaded cleaning-cloth fuzz.

    7. You can get a Windex-worthy shine with just water + vinegar + vodka.

    8. Banish the mildew buildup in your bathtub's caulk using cotton coil and bleach.

    9. Ditch the impossible stains on your cookware using Bar Keeper's Friend.

    10. Spritz hairspray on permanent marker scribbles (or masterpieces) to dissolve the ink and wipe them away.

    11. Make water stains on wood disappear using mayonnaise + a paper towel + a hair dryer.

    12. In a pinch, spray vodka on your stinky clothes to make the smells ~vanish~.

    13. Effortlessly polish away an outdoor grill rack's cooked-on grime using salt + half a potato + vegetable oil.

    14. Erase the dirt and grime from your favorite white sneakers with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and the power of the sun.