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18 Unbelievably Delicious Things You Can Do To Store-Bought Cookies

Get ~moreo~ out of your Oreos.

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1. Refrigerate Oreos and Nutter Butters overnight between layers of whipped cream to make icebox cake.

With some chopped mini Reese's thrown in for good measure. Get the recipe for this Oreo and Nutter Butter Creamy Icebox Cake here.

6. Mix crumbled Oreos with melted white chocolate (and whatever else your heart desires) to make an easy candy bark.

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Then refrigerate and crumble. Get the recipe for this Two-Ingredient Oreo Bark here.

11. Sandwich a marshmallow and chocolate bar between two Nilla Wafers.

Sure you don't get the ~toastiness~ of a fire-roasted marshmallow, but these are fast and delicious! Get the recipe for these Microwave Nilla Wafer S'mores here.

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