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23 Unexpected Things You Didn't Know Your Bathroom Needed

Because all showers should come with a #showerbeer cupholder.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A ceramic frog plunger cover.


$89 here.

2. This piece of rubber (called the "Tapi") that turns your faucet into a water fountain.

No more awkwardly sticking your face under the tap because you're too lazy to find a cup.

$9.45 here.

3. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker that attaches to your shower rod.

Your roommates will wonder how you suddenly actually sound like Beyoncé when you sing in the shower.

$25.25 here.

4. This shower curtain that sings along to Beyoncé with you.


$60 here.

5. This passive-aggressive piece of art perfect for right above your sink.

This cat won't take no for an answer.

$12 here.

6. These strangely useful "Tushiez Bath Buttz."

Stay organized. With butts.

$28 each here.

7. This "No" sign that renders the bathroom almost purposeless for one of the sexes.

I guess it maybe wants you to sit down.

$17.79 here.

8. This toilet brush that's conveniently curved so you can get the grossest areas around the inside rim.

And when you put it back in the base, a magnet holds the brush in place so you can carry the base and the brush together.

$25 here.

9. This speckled narwhal soap dish.

Her horn can also hold your wedding ring while you shower.

$23 here.

10. This shower curtain liner with mesh pockets.

When there's not enough room on the edges of the tub, this curtain's got your back. And you can still pair it with a cute fabric curtain.

$19.99 here.

11. This reminder poster.

$18 here.

12. This cabinet that attaches to the back of your door.

Not particularly beautiful, but very functional.

$88.17 here.

13. This handmade panda soap dish.

Cute animal bathroom decor > every other kind of bathroom decor.

$38 here.

14. This toothbrush holder that will also sanitize your brushes between uses.

Also, because the brushes are upside down, they won't be in danger of contamination from anything else in the room.

$47 here.

15. Or this toothbrush holder that is less sanitary but quite quirky.

But truly, what is more glamorous than a gold dinosaur toothbrush holder?

$13.99 here.

16. This hair catcher shaped like a starfish.

Stop clogs before they happen.

$5 here.

17. This shower curtain that will remind you that things are not always what they seem.

Swimming secrets.

$68 here.

18. A shade to cover your old-fashioned vanity lights.

You can even choose which fabric you like best.

Starting at $59 here.

19. This elegant reminder that literally everyone else you live with needs in front of their face.

Seriously guys.

$5 here.

20. This extra cabinet that fits awkwardly into that awkward space between your toilet and the tub.

That bottom drawer sure is some revolutionary drawer design.

$139.99 here.

21. The ultimate bathroom accessory: a cupholder for your bath wine or shower beer.

It's called the Sip Caddy, and it's about to change your showers forever.

$13.95 here.

22. This motivational print.

$19 here.

23. A tree to hold your toilet paper.

Your green and orange toilet paper.

$181 here.

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