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21 Useful Things That Will Actually Organize Your Closet

Clutter = controlled!

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1. A bookcase disguised as custom built-in shoe shelves.

Lauren Naimola / Dear Golden / Via

This is the relatively affordable ($79.99) Billy Bookcase from Ikea. While this won't work so well in a tiny closet, it is an budget-friendly way to make a large closet more functional. Here's more Billy closet inspiration.


4. And letter organizers do the same thing for your clutch collection.

Then you'll actually be able to see all of the bags you have, and use them! Get a similar letter sorter here for $7.99, and see this full closet transformation here.

5. Non-slip flocked hangers to keep all of your tank tops in check.

It's so nice to hang something in your closet and have it actually stay on the hanger. Read more about them here, and get these hangers here, $8.99 for a pack of ten.

7. A circular belt hanger can keep all your belts in order and accessible — without the danger of all of them falling off when you go to pick out one belt.


15. Condiment trays from the dollar store make great drawer dividers.

Or you could use drawer dividers, but these make the drawers feel much less stuffed — which makes it easier to find what you need. You could also use shoe boxes. Learn how to fold clothes like this here.


19. Small tension rods and S-hooks can make it so you never forget to wear that one cool necklace ever again.

This tutorial actually uses this trick in the bathroom, but it would work just as well in the closet. And it's not just for necklaces — you can hang hats, scarves, or whatever else you need to ~organize~.

20. A dollar store cooling rack makes for a quick wall-mounted earring rack.

If you feel like it looks too much like, well, a cooling rack, you could always spray paint it (and the hooks you use to hang it) gold. See how they did it here.

21. And if you have shelf space, paper towel holders make good bracelet and belt organizers, and magazine file boxes can keep small leather goods in order.

Read more about it here. You can get similar paper towel holders for $6.99 each here, and similar magazine files for $6.99 each here.