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7 Ridiculously Easy Makeup Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life

Gorgeous makeup for less effort.

1. Try drawing a double arrow using an eyeshadow pencil (then blending!) to get a fast and neat smoky eye.

2. To make your lips look ABAP (as big as possible), try this simple contour map.

3. Take a straight object (a tweezer will do the trick) and map out where your eyebrows should start, end, and how high they should each rise.

4. Prevent any and all mascara clumps by applying it in a couple of layers with a lash comb.

5. Lightly contour your skin by applying concealer in strategic places over your foundation.

6. Try this two-step push-and drag-technique to make a subtle cat eye easier.

7. Make sure you're always using the right brush for the job you want to get done.

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