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7 Easy Bathroom Organizing Ideas You'll Actually Want To Try

Get clean in a clean, organized place.

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2. Set up shower caddies under your sink to serve as narrow shelves.

You can look for ones with a flat bottom that sit nicely, or if yours don't, just hang them from the side of the cabinet with removable adhesive hooks. Read more on Pretty Organized.

3. And mount baskets on the inside of your cabinet doors to take advantage of all your available space.

Again, using removable adhesive hooks. If you try this along with the shower caddy idea, position the baskets on your doors so that you can actually get those doors closed. Read more on Polished Habitat.


5. Stop letting your straightener's cord take up more than its fair share of drawer space — slip it inside an empty toilet paper roll.

7. And sort through your cabinets to toss any beauty products that are past their prime.

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If you haven't done this recently (or ever), it takes some time but it's definitely worth it!

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