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7 Easy Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

Forget big resolutions, just pick a few tiny changes to make.

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1. Keep a dry erase marker in your laundry room to jot down things you're prone to forget.

At the end of a long day, it can be tempting to just throw all of the washed clothes into the dryer. But maybe a friendly note from an earlier, less tired version of yourself will help you remember not to. From here.

2. Take some time to toss all of your expired beauty and skincare products.

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You don't really want to be rubbing bacteria and expired products all over your face. Read more about why these expiration dates apply here.


4. Lay down a layer of wax paper on the tops of cabinets and furniture (especially in the kitchen) to catch greasy dust.

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Then, you can swap it out when it gets grimy. (This assumes you don't have cats that like to hang out up there). From here.

7. If you live in a house with three or more people, give everyone a designated "crap basket."

That way, everyone's crap doesn't end up spread all over the house. And if you have stairs, it's easy to grab a crap basket and bring everything in it up the stairs at once. From here.