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    27 Harry Potter DIYs That Are Basically Magic

    I solemnly swear...

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Twist some wire and a bead into a tiny Golden Snitch.

    Then you can hang it on a necklace, bend it into a ring, or tie it to a ribbon to make a bookmark.

    Get the full tutorial from Emilyvanleemput on Instructables.

    2. While you're at it, try making the same designer's wire Deathly Hallows earrings.

    Get all of the instructions from Emilyvanleemput. She also has a couple of excellent (but difficult) Time Turner necklace tutorials β€” one made from cardstock, and one made from wire.

    3. Embroider your initial onto a thrift-store scarlet sweater (or if you're the movie version, maroon sweater) to pretend you're a Weasley.

    Much faster and easier than knitting from scratch. The key to success: buying yarn that's the same width as the yarn in your sweater.

    Learn how to do it from Lauren Fairweather.

    4. Print and paste your own S.P.E.W. buttons on saved bottle caps.

    You seal them with resin or Dimensional Magic, so they'll last forever. Then you can turn them into pins, earrings, pushpins, DIY cards, or whatever you can think of.

    Print out the designs and get the how-to on Rae Gun Ramblings.

    5. Bake a Treacle Tart and feast like a witch or a wizard.

    Even if it takes you a couple of hours to finish, it's worth it.

    Get the recipe here.

    6. Turn your bedside table into a mini-Great Hall by suspending remote-controlled candles from an embroidery hoop.

    They painted the hoop gold and used fishing wire to suspend the candles. You can get a set of flameless remote control candles for $23.99 on Amazon.

    Read more about how they did it and see more of the bedroom details on Housaholics.

    7. Embroidery hoops serve another noble purpose in this tabletop Quidditch set that you can make out of empty bottles.

    Yes it's basically beer pong, but if you wanted to play with a younger crowd, you could just reward prizes to the team who has the most cups left after a certain number of turns.

    Get the tutorial at Farm to Fete.

    8. Attend your next costume fling as a secret wizard by making this dollar-store Harry Potter tie.

    Paint pens and masking tape solve all of my painting problems.

    Get the how-to at Doodlecraft.

    9. This "Save Dobby" lost sock jar will help you keep your pairs together.

    It uses transfer vinyl, which you may need to cut with an exacto knife.

    Read the full tutorial at Housewife Eclectic.

    10. Seal every letter like a Hogwarts letter with crayon and a hot glue gun.

    You may not be able to actually use your glue gun to, uh, glue things after this; I'm not sure. You *can* use a penny, a button, or (if you have one), an actual seal to imprint the wax.

    Get the full tutorial at eHow.

    11. Or simply seal your Hogwarts correspondence with red molding clay and a penny.

    You might have to hot glue the seal to get it to stick, depending, but it's still less messy than the crayon technique.

    Learn how to do it at Larissa Another Day.

    12. Print out a full-size Marauder's Map and carry it everywhere.

    The tutorial is in French, but Google's translation is good enough that you should be able to figure it out.

    Download the printable and learn how to tape it together at Potter Frenchy Party.

    13. Transfigure chopsticks into wands with hot glue and paint.

    It could be a great craft for a teenage or grown-up Harry Potter party, and a fun party favor for a younger kid's.

    Read the how-to and get tips on making them look great at Boxy Colonial.

    14. Follow these visual directions to make a cute Harry Potter out of clay or marzipan.

    Change up the hair details, skip the glasses, and make different hair to get different characters.

    From Vitaaz on Deviantart.

    15. Conjure your own Firebolt with brown paper bags and found tree branches.

    Unfortunately, the write-up of this awesome birthday on Catch My Party doesn't include any hints on how these were made, but it seems relatively simple β€” below is our guess, or how we would make them.

    Materials: a long stick from the outdoors somewhere; brown craft paper or brown paper bags; a roll of twine; hot glue; a bunch of newspaper for stuffing.

    Sand down the rough edges on the sticks, if needed. Twist the bottom ends of your paper into a point, and tie with twine, hot gluing as needed. Shape the brown paper as close to its final shape as possible, taping or gluing to hold it in pace as needed, and then stuff with wadded-up newspaper. Hot glue the stick into the middle of the open end and allow glue to dry overnight. Then, tie on the top piece of twine. And you're done!

    16. Turn sugar cones upside down on cupcakes to make ~Wizard Hat Cupcakes~.

    You could also have more fun decorating them afterward.

    Get the directions here.

    17. Using a bleach spray technique, make your own Deathly Hallows sweatshirt, tshirt, or whatever you want.

    The original, here, is for sale on German eBay.

    But a simple stencil β€” you can make one out of cardboard β€” and a how-to like this one on Practically Functional will help make it easy to try at home.

    18. Warm up with a cup of homemade butterbeer.

    It's essentially butterscotch sauce and ginger beer. Which is to say, delicious.

    But go here for the full recipe!

    19. Stencil your favorite quote or saying from the books onto a canvas banner.

    It makes for easy wall art, and you get to remember your favorite quote all the time. (Naturally, the text above isn't a quote, but you get the picture).

    Get the full tutorial at Landee See Landee Do.

    20. Try mixing a Pensieve punch for your next party.

    It really stands out if you put lights between the punch bowl's stand and bottom. The shimmering effect comes from edible sparkling dust β€” you can find a ton of color options here for $5 per container; although the punch above just uses a white dust.

    Get the recipe and directions at Epbot.

    21. Color a set of mugs using oil paint.

    These make a great gift for the Harry Potter lover in your life.

    Get the recipe here.

    22. Fill small vials up with potions β€” that's glitter and glue, if you're wondering.

    Gold for Felix Felicius, green for Basilisk Venom, silver for phoenix tears or a pensieve memory.

    Get the tutorial here.

    23. Print out and fold this "Sorting Hat" fortune teller.

    It's free, it's easy β€” and you get to sort all of your friends.

    Download it and get the folding instructions at Get Away Today.

    24. Keep your sticky notes safe in these simple monster books.

    The full tutorial uses stuffed animal eyes, but you could glue on googly eyes if you wanted to make the process a little quicker. And just cut out the tongue shape β€” no need to sew the little lines on it.

    Get the full tutorial from AlpineButterfly on Instructables.

    25. Cover Pixie Sticks with card stock and a feather to eat as many Sugar Quills as your stomach can handle.

    They're completely refillable. To make them last longer, you could experiment with a wide-mouth plastic straw to substitute for the cardstock.

    Get the tutorial on Mummy Darling Precious Petal.

    26. Gift the (small) projects you make for your friends in these free printable pillow boxes.

    Make sure to print them on card stock or another thick paper.

    Get the tutorial and download here.

    27. While you're at it, give your characters a spot to stand β€” like near these cute Platform nine and three-quarters gift boxes.

    Hedwig is so happy!

    Get the printable and directions here.