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    25 Incredibly Useful Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheets

    Dedicated to procrastinators and lazy people everywhere.

    1. For a time-tested guide to assembling your cleaning team.

    2. For jump-start motivation that you can tackle over 10 days.

    3. For a colorful and fun way to break each room down into steps that are actually doable.

    4. For choosing the natural cleaning ingredient that will actually fix your problems.

    5. For times when you really just want to start small.

    6. For a timed routine that will keep you motivated on a Sunday afternoon.

    7. For the days you feel extra inspired by the KonMari method.

    8. For a logical approach to sorting through the space under your sink, the top of your closet, or your shoe collection.

    9. For helping kids sort through their old toys.

    10. For an effective way to actually get that stain out of the rug.

    11. For making space on your shelves to hold new books.

    12. For making enough room in your makeup kit that it will actually zip closed.

    13. For tackling those mystery condiments in your fridge door and pantry.

    14. For cleaning the brushes that touch your face every morning.

    15. For figuring out how long to keep that one medical bill.

    16. For scrubbing off years of cooked-on grime from your favorite cookware.

    17. For cleaning your washing machine when it starts to smell like gunk and funk.

    18. For figuring out how to make your bedroom look nice, always.

    19. For squeaky-clean floors all over your house (and even in your garage).

    20. For getting that weird smell out of your guest room mattress.

    21. For small fixes that will make a big difference.

    22. For washing and polishing your exterior windows so they get clean...and stay that way.

    23. For figuring out how you should get rid of something.

    24. For a single printout that will help you accomplish everything in one day.

    25. And for squashing that procrastination bug that always tries to get in your way.