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17 Of The Best Tailgating Food Tips On Pinterest

Go team go! And pass me another burger and beer!

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2. Serve boozy lemonade in plastic bags with straws to make it easy to distribute drinks evenly.

Plus, you can freeze them overnight and stick 'em in your cooler the morning. That way, they can help keep everything else cold. Here's the tutorial.


8. Make hot dogs or beer brats for a crowd in a slow cooker.

11. Serve your Jell-O shots in oranges instead of in normal Jell-O shot containers so you can easily dispose of the peels.

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Cuter and more eco-friendly than dozens of small plastic cups. You can just make your basic jello shot recipe, or use this fancy one. Find other ideas for a football feast here.


13. Pack salads or fruit in plastic drink cups, and stick a fork in the hole for the straw.

When you pull the fork out, you'll have to clean off the handle, but that's a small price to pay for convenience. Get the recipe and instructions here.

14. Make jalapeƱo poppers even easier (and even cheesier) by turning them into a creamy dip.

The classic bacon-wrapped bites are obviously a tailgate classic, but sometimes you just don't have time to cut up a thousand peppers, stuff them with cheese, and wrap them in bacon. For those days, there's this dip.

17. Then stuff the back of your truck (or car!) with a bunch of pillows so you can curl up and nap / watch the game when you're done eating and cooking.

So cozy and delicious! (Yes, this is a fancy Pinterest picnic and not a tailgate, but you still could stuff your truck bed with pillows and blankets in your team colors).