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    How To Spend The Ultimate Weekend In Rome, According To Someone Who Lived In Italy

    Here's the lowdown on what to do, see and, most importantly, eat in the eternal city.

    I don't want to be dramatic, but Rome is one of the greatest cities in the world.

    However, Rome can be a tough city to navigate as a tourist.

    As someone who used to live in Italy — and has been lucky enough to visit Rome close to a dozen times — I thought I'd share my itinerary for a killer weekend in Rome.

    But before you skip ahead, there are a few things you should know about this itinerary.

    1. I've made this list for people who want to hit some of the iconic Roman must-sees, as well as try classic Roman cuisine.

    2. I've kept the spending budget to approx. €50 per day — which doesn't include flights or accomodation, since they'll vary depending on the time of year you're travelling. However, I have included some helpful tips for where to stay.

    3. I've tried to make sure each activity is within reasonable walking distance from the previous one.

    If you're looking for an awesome hostel with both private rooms and dorms, stay at the Generator Hostel Rome.

    Price: Between €18 — €55 per person / night.

    If you'd prefer to stay in a hotel or rent out an apartment, I'd suggest looking for a place in Monti.

    For breakfast on Saturday, grab a caffè e cornetto at La Casetta a Monti.

    And while you're there, take a cute pic for the 'gram!

    Next, walk down to the Colosseum — because it would be rude not to.

    Pop into the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

    Walk through Piazza Venezia and catch the tram across the river to Trastevere.

    Grab a slice of pizza from Forno La Renella Trastevere.

    Have a gelato from Gelateria Biologica Fonte della Salute.

    Walk through the streets of Trastevere.

    Then, make your way to the gardens of Villa Doria Pamphilj.

    Before you go out in the evening, you'll probably want to go home and refresh.

    If you're hungry, pick up some fresh, handmade pasta at Mercato Centrale Roma.

    Enjoy a sneaky spritz on the rooftop bar of the Generator.

    For a fun night out, head to Pigneto.

    If you've had a big night and want a more substantial brekkie, head to Marigold in Ostiense.

    After breakfast, head over to the Pyramid of Cestius.

    While you're there, check out the Non-Catholic Cemetery of Rome.

    Take a walking tour of Ostiense's street art.

    Go vintage shopping or grab a snack at the Mercato di Testaccio.

    Head back to Centro Storico and pose for a photo on the Spanish Steps.

    Walk down the road and throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

    Stroll over to the Pantheon and marvel at its grandeur.

    Have lunch at one of Rome's most iconic trattorie, Armando al Pantheon.

    Wander through the halls of Galleria Doria Pamphilj.

    Stroll through the picturesque Campo de' Fiori...

    ...Before ending up in Piazza Navona.

    Stroll down the Tiber River and over Ponte Garibaldi to get back to Trastevere.

    And to finish your weekend, enjoy some of the best pizza and supplì in Rome from Pizzeria Ai Marmi.

    Have I missed any Roman hotspots that you think are worth visiting on a weekend away? Let me know in the comments!