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Which Money Hack Do You Wish You'd Known Sooner?

Help me, I'm poor and bad with money.

One of the things we should be good at as adults is managing our money. But the reality is, most of us kind of suck at it.


So we want to know the best piece of financial advice you've ever been given, as well as how it's helped you change your money habits.


Maybe it's practical advice about planning for the future, like making voluntary contributions to your superannuation fund.

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Perhaps it's got to do with the psychology of money and thinking in a way that motivates you to save more.

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Like thinking of the number in your bank balance as your high score in a video game.

Or it could even be a quirky way to save money, like putting all your $5 notes into a piggybank and seeing how much you accumulate by the end of the year.

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Tell us the tips and tricks that helped you get better at managing your money for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!