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6 Of The Most Annoying Social Media Advertisements You’re Sick Of Seeing

Social media advertising is everywhere. Bloggers and celebrities constantly try and sell products to their unsuspecting followers, usually without disclosing that they are advertisements... Here are 6 of the most popular (read: annoying) social media ads you're probably sick of seeing...

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1. Detox Teas

msashleyvee / Via

Yes, you know the ones. Every blogger from here to North America is trying to sell these teas that claim to de-bloat you, boost metabolism, detox your entire digestive system and turn you into a yoga-loving-wellness-blogger overnight!

2. Those blue gummy bears everyone seems to have in their mouth (we mean everyone!)

Khloe Kardashian / Via Instagram: @khloekardashian

Sugar Bear Hair - it's meant to be a gummy bear with vitamins that will make your hair grow long and thick. Never mind that celebrities have access to the most expensive hair products and hairdressers in the world!

3. Celebrity Facebook Click-Bait

NE-YO / Via Facebook: NE

"He did what?!...Check out this article to see more!" You know the ones. Celebrities and bloggers get paid each time a fan clicks on the click-bait link. The more outrageous the title, the more clicks and money is made.

Shoutout to Geraldine who knows the game ;)

5. Protein shakes/weightloss pills

Tammy Hebrew / Via Instagram: @tammyhembrow

They love focusing on our insecurities, don't they? It's always fitness bloggers that seem to think a shake or pill here and there will help their followers lose weight. They just forget to tell fans they spend hours in the gym everyday to get that bangin' bod.

6. Social media ads that pretend they are not ads!


You've probably noticed none of these posts featured the #ad or #sponsored. Social media advertisements are notoriously sneaky. All of the ads featured in this article were paid for. That's particularly annoying when you don't know what is real and what is a paid advertisement.

Blogs like 'Fact or Filter?' and 'Truth in Advertising' are fighting for disclosures to be made in social media advertising.

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