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Four Latest Android Games Of 2016 To Avoid Boredom

Check for latest android games to pass your time.

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In the hectic modern world its not uncommon for people to wish for extra hours in a day. Despite the busy schedule people still find short breaks like the boring bus journey or the few minutes after a quick lunch which are effectively utilized in the solving the mysteries of the universe or finding the excuses for the late record submissions.

In case you already constructed a theory for the origin of universe we have the free games in the android playstore to kill the time. The playstore is full of apps which are simple challenging and easy to play. You need neither prior knowledge of the mainstream games nor need to worry about the dpi of your mouse and the quality of your headphones. All you need to do is download and you will figure the

rest yourself. They are challenging enough to keep you entertained for as long as you want them to. The greatest advantage of these games is you can play them at any length of time and completely forget about them the very next second

you wont be addicted, you wont be seeing yourself confined to four walls, with red eyes and an aching head. This quality makes them ideal for the short discontinuities in the endless race of life. There are different types of games puzzles if you want to sharpen your mind, high scoring games where you can compete against yourself, games which want to be console games but remind you the platform at every single move. Here are 4 simple latest games for you.

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