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Wired Nails: Don't Get Left Behind

We're moving on from metallics and hologram nails. Here's the buzz about these new wired manis!

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It looks like we’re slowly moving away from colored hologram and metallic nails onto wire manicures and we’ve got one word for them, bomb! But not to worry ladies, the infamous “no chip polish” that we cannot live without still applies here. These nails are a refreshing game changer and are starting to take over Instagram as we speak. And as we all know, if it’s a trend that starts to sweep instagram, it soon starts to sweep our pockets!

Thanks to nail mastermind Eun Kyung Park, who is also the boss behind her signature diamond and glass nails (totally a fav by the way), has now started to create the dopest manicures out of metal wires. Waahhh? Yes guys, wire!

Who knew it could be so versatile and so freaking stylish on your nails?! Whether you’re going for your edgy stiletto nails for some extra length, or you want to stay flirty but still fierce with a short mani, wire nails can fit any canvas. Of course this trend is super creative and can compliment a look that is uniquely “you” depending upon your design, added polish, glitters and charms, but the 3D nail art is most known for its fresh look of clear polish and a gold wired design. It’s only a matter of time before queen Bey is rocking this next. By the looks of the manicures done already, these nails are one hundred percent a Beyonce fashion feature!

Are we feeling these wires, yay or nay and what would your nails look like? Comment below and visit Eun Kyung Park instagram for some chic inspo!

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@nail_unistella / Via
@nail_unistella / Via
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