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    YG And Drake's Bromance Is Truly Inspiring

    Their new video for "Who Do You Love" is debuting today on BuzzFeed.

    YG will finally release his debut LP for Def Jam, My Krazy Life, on March 18th.

    Mike Miller for Def Jam

    Recounting a hypothetical day in YG’s krazy life, it’s like a bizarro, super turnt up companion to Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city concept album.

    Born in 1990 in LA, YG has been partnered up with DJ Mustard since 2008. Mustard was then just a plain-old DJ, but he's now a highly sought-after producer (he had three Top 10 singles at urban radio last year alone). Since joining forces, the two have worked together to reinvent party rap, stripping it of everything but keyboard plinks, throbbing bass, and the indomitable spirit of house singer Robin S.

    Drake, who likes West Coast fun, appears on the album’s new Mustard-produced single, “Who Do You Love,” the video for which is debuting today on BuzzFeed.

    Def Jam

    The video is one big house party.

    Def Jam

    "Who Do You Love" is all about YG finding out his girl has been cheating on him, and responding by heading out to hang with his boys and some new friends.

    The video shoot party was real, not just for show, YG explained over the phone. But it didn't go down at YG's real house: "That ain’t my house! It’s just some video house in Malibu. But we had a real party at that motherfucking house."

    YG jumps when Drake walks in.

    Def Jam

    "The video shoot was my first time partying with Drake in real life, but Drake is cool," YG said. "Drake got the bitches — of course he’s a fun guy to hang out with — he got the bitches!"

    Drake bugs out for his verse.

    Def Jam

    And throws up the W for the West Coast.

    YG pops a bottle like, "Oh shit."

    Def Jam

    "Who grows up out of partying? When you get way older, maybe," he said. "But that’s what we do: we make music and we party. I was partying before I was making music, that’s why I make music, because I know what people want to hear when they’re partying."

    Then Drake holds him back when he starts to get into it with another guy.

    Def Jam

    Of course, YG's homie DJ Mustard is also in the building.

    Def Jam

    And Drake brought along his BFF, producer Noah "40" Shebib.

    Def Jam

    But this party is all about YG and Drake — just look at them bopping.

    Def Jam

    By the end of the night, they're kind of faded. Drake is toasting YG, sticking his tongue out a little so you know it's real.

    Def Jam


    Def Jam

    Watch YG and Drake's "Who Do You Love" video:

    View this video on YouTube

    Now, watch YG read Dr. Seuss to kids:

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