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    Premiere: Overnight "#SELFIE" Stars The Chainsmokers Celebrate Confidence With New Single, "Kanye"

    "We look at the word ‘Kanye’ as an adjective. The song is about what it means to be like Kanye."

    The Chainsmokers, the NYC-based DJ and production duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, are one of 2014's biggest music success stories.

    Their March single "#SELFIE" has been certified platinum, selling over 1,00,000 digital copies. Its music video is the sixth most-watched on YouTube this year.

    Now they've returned with a hard to classify, meme-able follow-up single, "Kanye." It's streaming exclusively on BuzzFeed today, before hitting iTunes tomorrow, Aug. 5.

    (Weirdly, this isn't even the first song named for Kanye — Minnesota rap group Atmosphere also released a Yeezy name-checking single back in April.)

    The song, which features vocalist Siren, is all about how you can be exactly however you dream of being. Just like Kanye.

    “We look at the word ‘Kanye’ as an adjective," explained The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall via email. "The song is about what it means to be like Kanye. It’s about just owning it no matter what you’re doing."

    "Whether you’re on top of the world partying in a penthouse or you’re driving an old car playing your favorite song, it’s about enjoying the moment you’re in and feeling like you’re the king," Pall said.

    "You embrace that confidence. We didn’t want to do something too left field after ‘#SELFIE’, but we wanted to show another side of ourselves. What Siren does is just beautiful, and we built the production around that. It gets the message across. Own your shit, be self-assured, and remain confident in everything you do.”