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    Here's A Closer Look At Slipknot's New Masks

    They DO NOT disappoint.

    Metal institution Slipknot will release a new album, .5: The Gray Chapter on Oct. 21. It will be the band’s first release in six years, and their first since the 2010 death of founding bassist Paul Gray.

    Since forming in 1995, each member of Slipknot has worn a unique mask while performing. For each new Slipknot album, each member gets a new mask and identity.

    Last week, Slipknot unveiled their new masks in a video for the first Gray Chapter single, “The Devil In I”:

    View this video on YouTube

    But today they're sharing detailed looks at the new masks, exclusively on BuzzFeed. Check them all out in action in this video:

    View this video on YouTube

    And see them one by one, below:

    (Each member of the band goes by a numbered alias, so that's what those numbers are about.)

    #7, Mick Thomson:

    #5, Craig Jones:

    #3, Chris Fehn:

    #8, Corey Taylor:

    #4, Jim Root:

    #0, Sid Wilson:

    #6, M. Shawn Crahan: