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Proof That Musicians Are Less Lonely Than They Used To Be

A new study shows that artists feel less isolated than ever before. But that doesn't mean they're falling in love.

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Somewhere around the turn of the millennium, musicians started saying they were "lonely" or "alone" in their songs less.

Nickolay Lamm

This graph was made by Nickolay Lamm, the artist/researcher who previously showed us how big humans eyes will become and what Barbie should really look like.

His new History of Music project compiles a series of similar graphs, each showing how often a certain word has been used in popular songs over the past five decades.

Confused? The horizontal axis on the charts measures the year a song came out, and the vertical axis measures its popularity on Billboard's year-end Hot 100 chart for that year. Cells that are red feature the word in question a lot; blue cells feature it less. So: a cell at the far right of the graph is new, and a cell at the top of the graph is a song that was popular.