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Lady Gaga Really, Really Doesn't Want You To See Terry Richardson's "Do What U Want" Video

Recording industry watchdogs are still trying to scrub a clip from the scrapped video, leaked by TMZ, from the internet.

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On June 19, TMZ unearthed a 33-second clip of a video Lady Gaga made with Terry Richardson and R. Kelly, but never oficially released.

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The video's non-release coincided with reports of sexual misconduct by Richardson and R. Kelly. The video was "literally an ad for rape," one anonymous source said.

It would appear Gaga is still trying to scrub the video's existence from memory.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the non-profit "voice of the music industry worldwide," sent BuzzFeed an email ordering the removal of the TMZ-hosted video clip, seemingly on behalf of Universal Music Group, the parent company of Gaga's label, Interscope.

Representatives for Lady Gaga, Universal Music Group, and TMZ did not immediately respond to requests for comment.