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    Can We Talk About Kendrick Lamar's Secret Girlfriend?

    Her name is Whitney Alford and she's been hiding in plain sight.

    Kendrick Lamar, the California rapper whose upcoming album the world can't wait to pick apart, was profiled by the New York Times Magazine on June 25.

    The story reveals that Kendrick's label initially wanted Kendrick to record instead of touring with Kanye West in 2013, and says that Kendrick and Kanye didn't hang out much while out on the road.

    But it ALSO introduces Whitney Alford, Kendrick's longtime girlfriend. The two haven't appeared in public much, but they did go to this year's Grammys together:

    According to the Times, Whitney is one of the few people who has no problem "sassing" Kendrick. In the story, she lovingly calls him out for being "cheap."

    Whitney, reportedly, "is an every day, about the way, typical ass girl."

    Kendrick hasn't kept his romantic life entirely private. In a 2013 conversation with Erykah Badu for Interview, Kendrick said "a lady friend" was one of the two "asshole checkers" in his life — a person tasked with keeping him grounded.

    In February, they traveled together to South Africa for a three-concert tour.


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