Jay Z Whispering Something Dirty In Beyoncé’s Ear Will Make You Blush

This could be us.

1. King Bey and King Jay kicked off their joint On the Run stadium tour last week. Here’s Jay, during a performance of “Drunk in Love,” whispering something nasty into Yoncé’s ear:

2. In that fan video, probably captured in Cincinnati, Bey’s singing “surfbort,” and Jay, seemingly, is all like: “You can get on this later.” Then B smiles and throws him a “boy stop” elbow in the stomach.


3. The onstage whisper is maybe a callback to a moment in the “Drunk in Love” video, where Beyoncé faces the camera while Jay talks in her ear.

Parkwood / Columbia

4. So, was this sexy sweet nothing impromptu, or just some hot choreography?

5. Does it even MATTER either way?

Thumbnail image: Mason Poole

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