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    Stop Thinking And Watch This Surreal New Duck Sauce Video

    The duo's super ridiculous video for "NRG" is debuting today on BuzzFeed. Because Jon Daly wants to sell you gel.

    Duck Sauce, the festival-dominating, goof-off electronic duo comprised of turntable prodigy A-Trak and NY house producer Armand Van Helden, released its debut album Quack this month.

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    Quack single “NRG” throws a larger-than-life female vocal sample over beefy guitar riffs and bass claps, like a stoner looking to party might throw peanut butter on a potato chip.

    Fool's Golf

    Not that serious and a lot of fun, it’s a pretty good introduction to what Duck Sauce are all about.

    Check out the video for “NRG," debuting right here:

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    The whole thing is an amazing fake infomercial for a fake “everything gel,” hosted by Kroll Show comedian Jon Daly.

    "NRG" gel can supposedly cure cramps, fix relationships, and make you a better dancer.

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    Duck Sauce videos have always put A-Trak and Armand Van Helden in wacky alternate realities. Previously, they’ve been barbers and hung their faces in other dudes' crotches.

    As silly as this video is, the way "NRG" came together is actually kind of rigorous.

    "Every song on Quack has a sample and it can take months to clear them,” A-Trak explained. After spending lots of time working on their record, the Duck Sauce team still felt the album needed one more song, so they started hunting for a perfect sample. “You're searching for these missed opportunities, these hidden gems that, for some reason, didn't get their shine,” said A-Trak.

    They scoured their own record collections and asked friends, but ultimately found what they were looking for on a YouTube binge. Melissa Manchester's awesomely hairsprayed 1985 song, "Energy":

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    So, go ahead, feel the power.

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    You deserve it.

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