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Good Luck Getting Chromeo's New Song "Jealous" Out Of Your Head

The lovably over-the-top production duo are back with a new, super-polished album. But they're still just schmucks.

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Chromeo — the Canadian duo who've been in the Hall & Oates-indebted funk game for a decade — will release a new album called White Women in May. It'll be their first album in four years, and according to lead vocalist Dave 1, will unveil a "new Chromeo: poppier perhaps, but more high octane, turbo-charged funk."

The album's opening track, “Jealous (I Ain’t With It),” is debuting today on BuzzFeed.

The song’s melody is big and cocky, but its lyrics are all about being a fool.

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Dave explains: "Guys are all schmucks, let's face it. I don't know why music constantly extols this fictitious macho fantasy persona — we're all just puny insecure oversize children. And it would be funnier to embrace it."

Listen closely 30 seconds in — that pre-chorus was inspired by Wyclef and Mary J. Blige's slept-on 2000 duet “911,” which Dave heard at a strip club in Jamaica while he was writing.

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At first, Chromeo's P-Thugg thought "Jealous" was "too Katy Perry."

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Chromeo worked on the song in L.A. with Oliver, another production duo. Oliver came up with its "Teenage Dream"-style guitar riff, and Chromeo initially rejected the idea. Eventually, they got into how something so pop could blend with the classic Chromeo sound: slap bass and synths.

Sometimes, it just takes dudes awhile to get over themselves.

But it doesn't always sound this good when they do.
Tim Saccenti for Chromeo

But it doesn't always sound this good when they do.

Update — Mar. 18, 10:30 a.m. ET: “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” now has a great video. Watch Chromeo be scummy in a wedding chapel:

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