“Drunk In Love” For Seven Minutes Is The Only Love Song You Will Ever Need

This is what I want to surfbort down the aisle to.

1. Yesterday, Beyoncé’s self-titled album turned two months old, meaning you’ve now listened to “Drunk In Love” 60,000 times.

2. But what if the song went for seven whole minutes?

3. One of the song’s five producers, Noel “Detail” Fisher, couldn’t keep his eyes off this fatty. He’s released a new orchestral version.

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5. Detail has added strings and previously “hidden” Yoncé vocal takes, including one where she wails LOOOOOOVVEEE for 12 glorious seconds. It’s a “Whitney Houston, Bodyguard, ‘[I] Will Always Love You’ note,” he says.

6. Just being #honest, the original was already perfect.

7. But this is that church edit.

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