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10 Ridiculous Things Basic People Do In The Club

L.A.-based hit factory DJ Mustard is out here in the club, shaking his head at you.

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Macey Faronda / BuzzFeed

If any one man is keeping radio rap alive, it's perhaps DJ Mustard, the 23-year-old producer born Dijon McFarlane who charted no less than six songs on Billboard Hot 100 this spring. Mustard only started producing a couple years ago; his skill for making beats people want to replay and dance to comes from his longer career as a DJ. He learned showmanship from his uncle, a father figure who was also a professional DJ, and cut his teeth at sweet 16's before teaming up with rapper/party king YG in 2008. Ahead of Mustard's debut solo album, 10 Summers, out this summer via Roc Nation, he opened up about the ridiculous ways people behave when they're having a good time.


7. Fail to pay the DJ.

"When you go to the club and the promoters don't have your money? That's horrible. They'll be like, 'Just start and then we'll have your money.' Nah, that's fucked up."

8. Get on stage.

"You can't get them off. They don't leave till security comes, and then they still don't leave," Mustard said, before noting that this kind of crowding isn't a problem for festival circuit EDM stars. "At festivals the weirdos can't get close to you. You've got your security, you're on a big stage. Whenever you seen a weirdo next to Skrillex? You ain't seen a weirdo next to Skrillex, Diplo, or none of them. 'Cause they can't get onstage!"

9. Tell the DJ what to play.


"People tell me to play the craziest shit, stuff you wouldn't play in the club. It's cool to want something and all, but just request it! Don't say, 'Yo play this, 'cause this is my song.' Nobody cares! Just throw it in the air, 'Hey can you play this?' then walk off. Sometimes that helps, 'cause you run out of songs and somebody comes and gives you an idea."

Sometimes, Mustard said, club security try to control the playlist. "I've been in clubs where they said like, 'Don't play a C-Murder song.' I'm just like, Why?"

10. Stand around instead of dancing.

"I don't know why people be in the club trying to be so cool. Standing around, trying to be cool. I don't get that. I just think everybody wanna be a star. That's why people don't dance. The world is corrupted right now. I wanna say people dance more in New York. In L.A., everyone wanna be basketball wives, they all wanna have the red bottoms and Chanel bags, Birkin bags. And everybody don't got no money to put in those bags."

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