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    • naomir3

      I pay 59 for my blue apron. I live in a pretty expensive city in a “fairly” cheap apt i share w my bf and my grocery store is expensive af. I dont drive and so i cannot drive to the outskirts to the cheaper grocery stores. I love every meal and most of the time i have leftovers, too. I used to love to meal plan but i found out i wasted more food and spent more money on certain ingredients when i only needed a tbls or a sprig of something. If i lived in the suburbs like my mom, who can fill up an entire cart for 120$ and a lemon doesnt cost a dollar and an avocado $2 then it wouldn’t be ideal. I really look forward to cooking and my bf and i always recommend trying from Blue Apron! Plus i never have to go back to the store because i forgot to get an ingredient which is a huge plus! This is just a personal opinion when this meal service program is more beneficial for me and my late hours of work.

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