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5 Things You Should Know About Malta

There are so many beautiful and exceptional places in the world where you should visit at least once in your life. Malta is one of them. Malta is an amazing country with so many natural beauties. In every year, a lot of people visit Malta to enjoy the natural beauties of that country. If you want to know about expats in Malta or life on Malta, just stay tuned with me. Here I am going to share five things that you might not know about Malta.

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1. Malta Was Under United Kingdom

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Malta was under the UK once upon a time. But in 1974, they voted against being control of Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom. People of Malta are like to be freedom. So most of the people voted against to be a part of UK. Finally, they became a republic. Now, Malta is still a part of the Commonwealth, but it rules itself. Some theory also proves that once Malta was a part of Italy. However, there is a debate about it.

2. Religion of Malta

People of Malta practice the Catholic faith. They strictly follow some rules. So, divorce, nudity and some other issues are illegal in here. However, people enjoy the religious freedom, and it is mentioned in their constitution. You will find here some Protestants, Muslims, and Buddhists too. Malta follows the democracy.

3. They Use Euro / Via

Malta is a part of the European Union since 2004. So, like the other EU countries, they also accept euro as use euro as an official currency. If you are from any of the EU country, no need to convert euro into a different currency. This is a good point for the expats from other countries of European Union.

4. Movies Make Here

You will be amazed to know that a lot of Hollywood movies have done here. You may have though those places are in the USA. But the real fact is, there are so many scenes of Hollywood and other movies that are part of Malta.

5. Malta is Not a Single Island / Via

Most of the people know that Malta is a country of Island. But this is not a unique Island. There are so many islands in Malta, but only three of them are popular among the people. They are Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Malta is one of the most beautiful countries in the World which have some amazing landscapes and natural beauties. It boasts a series of cliffs, natural harbors, beaches and Mediterranean climate.

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