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Which NAMUN 2017 Secretariat Member Are You?

Are you more of a Caitlin or a Kate? Which one of the Rhamdad duo is more you? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. Historical Fiction
    Historical Non Fiction
    International Politics
    Global Affairs
    Picture Books
    Science Fiction
    Anything by Kurt Vonnegut
    Non Fiction War Books
  2. Thai
    Anything Vegan
  3. Tim Hortons
    Second Cup
    Not a coffee person
  4. Baking
    What is this 'leisure time' you speak off?
    Literally Nothing
    Watching Dance Videos
    Making Cocktails
    Making dinner with my friends
    If there is any time to spare, reading a book at a coffee shop
  5. Lion
    Honey Badger
  6. I want to Czech your Republic.
    You are my point of personal inquiry.
    I Ecuador you.
    Motion for a one-on-one unmoderated caucus.
    If you were a gavel, I would bang you all night.
    I’d like Dubai you drinks tonight.
    Do you want to have an international affair?
    I wouldn’t mind tapping something other than that gavel.
  7. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau
    Ryan Reynolds
    Drake, followed by Rob Ford
    Lorne Michaels
    Malcom Gladwell
    Mike Myers
    Will Arnett
    Rachel McAdams
    Michael Cera
    Celine Dion
  8. Wine and cheese with friends
    Getting gains at the gym
    Concerts or chilling with friends and listening to music
    Dinner and drinks
    Pub crawling with friends
    Checking out new places for dinner
    Enjoying good food with good company
    Simply put, alcohol
    Hitting up my favourite bar
  9. The West Wing
    Gilmore Girls
    Mike Tyson Mysteries
    Spice World
    Parks and Recreation
    Dr. Who
    House of Cards
    Arrested Development
    Shrek movie marathon
    Bojack Horseman

Which NAMUN 2017 Secretariat Member Are You?

You got: Caitlin Morishita-Miki

When you go out you’re the life of the party, but having time to yourself is also something to be savoured. Being busy is something you enjoy, but preferably with work than bogged down with university essays. If you get a spare hour, mindless television dramas are the way to go. Your passion and empathy draws people to you while your fierceness sparks your ambition.

Caitlin Morishita-Miki
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You got: Jessica Han Lu Yu

You are assertive and organized, and enjoy being productive more than spend time lazing around. If you take the Meyers-Briggs Personality test, you would rank around 70% introvert, but when you do go out with friends your whimsical attitude is a hit. Your ambitious personality has led to an interest in world news, but television dramas are a nice way to relax when you have a spare half hour.

Jessica Han Lu Yu
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You got: Nickolas Shyshkin

Your charisma and easygoing personality tends to make you the favourite of the crowd. As such, on nights out most people see you for a fun hour or two before you’re off to the next social. There’s always some story portraying your iconicity as you make sure you and your friends make the most of your youths. However, your reliability makes you a good person to depend on through work or otherwise. As a final note, your jawline is likely as sharp as your dress sense.

Nickolas Shyshkin
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You got: Kate Taylor

Congratulations! Your first impression comes across as both warm and dedicated. Your hard-working and enthusiastic nature makes your fellow secretariat members delighted to have you on their team. Your passion for anything you do is seen through your ability to handle the mountains of work you always seem to be elbow deep in, although it’s hard to tell, when you always want to help others with their own. Outside the office, your kindness is something that draws people to you.

Kate Taylor
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You got: Joanne Gomes

You’re a hit with university students. Why? It should be obvious – a stylish person with a taste for food that goes beyond the restaurant to baking and cookies? You’re a great shopping partner who probably knows all the best deals in the city, a baker who’s always coming up with new. That you’re able to do this while also putting school and extra-curriculars first is admirable to say the least. Dependable, tasteful and focused.

Joanne Gomes
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You got: Alec King

Everyone in the Secretariat is friendly, but your charming sense of humour makes people feel welcome in your presence. Moreover, your quick-wit is very Mont Python-esque, which makes room for good-natured banter – British pop-culure themed or otherwise. That you’re also so hard-working is a greater boon, since your friends and coworkers can depend on you for a good laugh but also to take your work seriously.

Alec King
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You got: Bamdad Attaran

Every group needs someone who can spontaneously burst into Disney songs, and you’re that knowledgeable and strong-lunged individual. It goes hand in hand with your dance moves, which are a hit at parties (watch out for the inevitable snapchat stories). It is impossible to know whether you are admired more for these traits, or your how hard you work in school and any of your campus extra-curriculars. Basically, everyone thinks you’re awesome.

Bamdad Attaran
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You got: Brittany Hadley

It’s not that being able to keep to your strict diet is the first thing people notice about you, but it’s very impressive and nods to your dedication and organizational skills. As does your talent at Excel, which no one else actually knows how to use. ‘Kind’ sounds like a copout adjective, but for you it’s not – instead, people love how you go out of your way to help your friends. You may use uber to get around the city fast, but your kindness and optimistic outlook has provided you with a lot of friends and just enough time to see them all.

Brittany Hadley
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You got: Surabhi Ojha

At the risk of sounding clichéd, you are the gold that appears only in the purest rays of sunshine. In other words, your positivity and merry nature makes your presence very welcome in any situation. You can laugh at anything… the leafy greens of salad, for instance, can be made quickly into a hilarious joke. You are well-loved among the members of the Secretariat, both for your cheery disposition and the way you always have your buddies’ backs.

Surabhi Ojha
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You got: Rhea Hsu

If anyone is going to provide stress relief from work and school, it’s you. You’re always ready to have a laugh or throw a great party. You’re known to be pretty wild; the adjective might be attached to you because you say the word a lot, but that only confirms its truth. While you are known for having a chill exterior despite the workload, you’re devoted to your job and are always willing to lend a hand to those who need it. You might want to reevaluate your use of Uber (I mean this in the kindest way), if your destination is a ten-minute walk or less away.

Rhea Hsu
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You got: Wyatt Sarabia Shorter

You always get right to the point – walking around topics isn’t really you. As such, your friends have probably never experienced your ‘hangry’ self, since you probably go and get something to eat before your temper rises to the surface. You are the kind of person who knows how to plan a party – university is definitely the time to show off your drink-mixing talents, and you already know how to make a mean martini.

Wyatt Sarabia Shorter
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You got: John Macpherson

Some people are photogenic, but your ability to avoid bad angles without trying is the cherry on top of a well-sized sundae. You have the perfect balance between a laidback attitude and a passion for the things you enjoy. You try your best in your work, extracurriculars and anything social, but you are definitely not one to be unnecessarily aggravated by a situation or problem. Your clear headed thinking will never be undesirable, nor will your selflessness towards others. One thing is for sure, you’re going places.

John Macpherson
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