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10 Incredible Charities Started By Kids

Further proof that size always takes a backseat to nobility. Naked Juice has teamed up with Wholesome Wave, and with the help of consumers, donated 150,000 pounds’ worth of fresh local produce to underserved communities.

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1. Alex's Lemonade Stand / Via

Alexandra "Alex" Scott was only 4 years old when she opened her front yard lemonade stand to help raise money for children with cancer. A cancer patient herself, Alex has seen her small stand grow from a curbside staple to a national fundraising revolution, boasting supporters, benefits, and events all across the country.

2. Caine's Arcade / The Imagination Foundation

Facebook: imaginationfoundation / Via

Pint-sized playtime pioneer Caine Monroy made headlines when the 9-year-old turned the front of his father's auto store into a makeshift arcade, complete with cardboard games of all shapes and sizes. This viral sensation spawned the Imagination Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to fostering and funding creativity in kids all across the world.

3. The Ladybug Foundation

Facebook: ladybugfoundation / Via

Hannah Taylor was barely 5 years old when she took notice of a homeless man picking through the garbage in the doldrums of winter. By the time she'd turned 8, Hannah had founded The Ladybug Foundation, a charity dedicated to feeding and housing Canada's homeless population.

4. Hoops of Hope

Facebook: hoopsofhope / Via

Shortly after basketball enthusiast Austin Gutwein turned 9, he saw a video that changed his life: a movie about children who had lost their parents to AIDS. Moved to make a change, Gutwein began Hoops of Hope, the world's largest free-throw marathon, dedicated to raising money for orphaned children from across the globe and providing them with food, shelter, education, and health care.

5. Care Bags 4 Kids

Facebook: Care-Bags-Foundation / Via

Like many of her philanthropic peers, 11-year-old Annie Wignall decided she couldn't stand idly by after learning of children suffering around the world. Thus, Care Bags 4 Kids was born, an organization dedicated to providing youth in need with essential items to help nurture their growth into healthy, happy adults.

6. Kids Saving The Rainforest

Facebook: Kids-Saving-the-Rainforest / Via

Costa Rican natives Janine Licare and Aislin Livingstone were just 9 years old when they noticed the rainforest disappearing from the once-lush land around them. In hopes of saving the rainforest -- and its many inhabitants -- they kick-started Kids Saving the Rainforest, an expansive program that prioritizes the preservation of the rainforest and the rehabilitation of animals ousted from their homes.

7. Coat-A-Kid

Facebook: Coat-A-Kid-Inc / Via

It's a noble type of teen who worries about her neighbor's warmth over her own on a cold winter's day. 16-year-old Maddy Beckmann has made it her mission to keep kids warm in her native St. Louis, and her charity, Coat-A-Kid has coated over 10,000 children since its inception.

8. Free the Children

Facebook: freethechildren / Via

12-year-old Craig Kielburger's perspective was radically shifted when he stumbled upon a devastating story of child slavery in his local newspaper. Motivated to make a change, he gathered his closest school friends to found Free the Children, an organization committed to empowering and educating kids the world over about how they can affect the world around them for the better.


Facebook: FUNDaFIELD / Via

Lifelong soccer fans Garrett and Kyle Weiss attended their first World Cup at ages 13 and 15, where they witnessed the unbridled passion of the Angolan people rooting for their team from a small section of the stadium stands. Vowing that no aspiring soccer players should ever want for equipment and a place to play, the brothers founded FUNDaFIELD.

10. Sheltering Books

Facebook: ShelteringBooks / Via

Mackenzie Bearup had just turned 13 years old when she started collecting books for her local homeless shelter. That thoughtful endeavor soon gave way to a full-fledged charity, Sheltering Books, which has since collected close to 150,000 books for shelters across the country.