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10 Things Everyone Who Has Forgotten To Shave Has Gone Through

It doesn't have to be like this! Leave shaving behind and make your smooth last longer with Nair.

1. Planning to wear the cutest dress, but then realizing you can’t.

2. Heading out in your fully covered outfit to find that EVERYONE is wearing shorts and skirts and looking so summery.

3. Deciding to wear pants because you forgot to shave, and then realizing you wore the ones with big knee holes. 😩

4. Thinking your armpits won't be a problem 'cause you're wearing long sleeves but then getting so hot you have to strip to your tank top and let the world in on your secret.

5. Not being able to focus all day because your leg hair is itchy.

6. Thinking your pants covered your legs and then sitting down, watching your pants hike up and seeing the ugly truth.

7. Seeing your crush from afar but avoiding them because of your current state.

8. Or getting an invite to the beach and knowing you'll have to pass because nothing is at all ready.

9. Missing a spot and having to sit really awkwardly to cover it up.

10. Forgetting to shave on the day of your spray tan appointment and knowing you're doomed.

Never forget again! Feel confident inside and out and make your smooth last longer with Nair.