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12 Photos That Prove Smooth Is Still Sexy

Some people aren't into the "lumbersexual" craze. Help your man maintain his smooth body with help from Nair.

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1. Exhibit A:

Monkey Business Images / Thinkstock

2. Exhibit B through infinity:

Ammentorp Photography / Thinkstock

3. No scratching, no itching, just

Ryan McVay / Thinkstock

4. It's made for cuddling.

Ryan McVay / Thinkstock

5. So smooth!

Alexander Image / Shutterstock

6. Time for some straight-up knowledge.

laflor / Getty Images

7. Did you know a fear of facial hair is called "pogonophobia"?

Digital Vision / Thinkstock

8. Fear of smooth skin doesn't have a name.

Rock and Wasp / Shutterstock

9. Huh, wonder why?

CURA Photography / Shutterstock

10. BTW, not all lumberjacks are hairy!

Ysbrand Cosijn / Shutterstock

11. In conclusion...

David Ryo / Shutterstock

12. ...smooth never went out of style.

caracterdesign / Getty Images

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